I'm loving the look and sound of Hull Breach, so I had to get in touch with you guys about the music. You can listen to my pitch above, and a demo reel of my previous work to the right. (This pitch is really my initial ideas after seeing the game, but if we were to talk more, I'd love to discuss your vision and ideas to find the right sound for the game's world.)

What I love about survival games, is the suspenseful pace at which the tension builds. Trying maintain your vitals and balance your resources. It's not the type of action to be scored with overly bombastic music, but something that subtly sets the mood for the player, as in an immersive survival environment, you don't want the music to overstay its welcome, or take the player "out" of the game. A soundscape to capture the feelings of isolation and exploration.

I'm a big fan of working with Dynamic Music where it supports the game, using middleware like FMOD, etc... This year I helped create a Dynamic Music plugin native to Unity to score the Steam release of TIMEframe, seamlessly blending wandering ambiences and event and region triggered tracks.